Halloween during a pandemic - sounds like something out of a horror film, doesn’t it?! Fear Not - we’re here to help you plan a sweet celebration.  Whether you’re planning a small socially distant monster mash or an intimate night of spooky films and delicious sweet treats, drinks are always a fun addition to the menu.  We’ve put together a freakily delicious list of our favorite Halloween concoctions to get your blood flowing and your goblins floating ← is that even a thing?
First up, our Little Ghosts. These recipes are sweet, colorful and fun for the kiddos, but this doesn’t mean parents won’t try to steal a sip!

Kid-Friendly Treats

floating evil witch drink decorated with witch hat straws

The Floating Evil Witch 

Don’t be fooled, this “evil” witch tastes as sweet as candy! Your littles will be sure to ask you for seconds. Included with the recipe are cute witch hat & shoe cutouts. 
bloody vampire float decorated with halloween colors and straw

Bloody Vampire Float

Vampire blood never tasted so good.  Want to know Dracula’s secret? It’s Torani White Chocolate Sauce mixed with red gel food coloring… MUAAAHAHAHA (don’t tell the kiddos!)
orange cream milkshake with witch straws

Orange Cream Milkshake

Trick or Treat, smell my feet (we mean witch shoes!) give me something sweet to eat!  We’ve got just the treat.  Bursting with creamy orange flavor and topped with fluffy whipped cream this milkshake is sure to be a hit with your cuties.  
Bloody Raspberry Lime Ice Cream Floats with syringe straws

Bloody Raspberry Lime Ice Cream Floats

Make your littles feel special with this ice cream float. Serve it in a martini glass or err on the side of caution and maybe use a mason jar. Whichever you decide (it’s your Halloween bash after all!) one thing’s for sure, Joanie Simon not only creates beautiful recipes, but delicious ones too!
Halloween Mocktails for Little Monsters with monster decorations

Halloween Mocktails for Little Monsters

Whether you decide on The Frankenstein, Vampire Blood Orange or the Blue Princess Butterfly Unicorn your little monsters will be in for a real treat thanks to Jessa over at Sparkle Living Blog!
And now for the adult zombies, vampires & ghouls.  Whether you’re looking for alcoholic potions crafted in your mad scientist lab, scary delicious mocktails, or energizing coffee concoctions - we have just the poison for you


Hocus Pocus Cocktail

Hocus Pocus Cocktail

Move over, there’s a new witch in town! This cocktail is light, a bit sweet from the Torani Orange & Mango Syrups and just the right amount of tart from the grapefruit juice.  It’ll  have you flying high on your broom and wishing Halloween could be all-year-long!
A Witch’s Bleeding Heart with smoky top

A Witch’s Bleeding Heart

While this one sounds pretty morbid, it’s quite possibly one of the most beautiful drinks you might ever make.  Who says witches can’t have any redeeming qualities?
two blood potion cocktails

Blood Potion Cocktail

Don’t worry, there’s no blood in this one, but there is a fair amount of vodka, sweetened with Torani Amaretto Syrup, pineapple juice and the secret “bloody” ingredient - fresh raspberries with a little extra help from Torani Raspberry Syrup.
Blood Orange Sunrise with raspberry puree dropper

Blood Orange Sunrise

Vampires all around the world struggle with how delicious this cocktail is, but how challenging it is to partake when the sun is rising Oh the horror!
Black Widow Cocktail with thyme

Black Widow Cocktail

Witches and vampires aren’t the only ones making an appearance at this Halloween extravaganza! Did you know that spiders love grape vineyards? They feed off of pests associated with grapes. Lucky for you, the only spider found in this drink is the tiny plastic one on our rosemary sprig garnish
Melted Ghost Cocktail

Melted Ghost Cocktail

For all of our Keto fans out there, this Halloween cocktail treat is for you! Vodka, Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup, heavy whipping cream and sparkling water is all it takes to bring this ghost back from the dead! We include an optional glass rim garnish using Torani White Chocolate Sauce and black sugar. 
Butterscotch Spiked Coffee with halloween colored sprinkles

Butterscotch Spiked Coffee

Just like the candy your grandma used to carry in her purse, but better, because we mixed it up with some energizing coffee - for those late-night Halloween horror movie night marathons! 
Low Carb Candy or Candy Apple Drink with glasses decorated with hands

Low Carb Candy or Candy Apple Drink

Thank you to Denise of My Life Cookbook for developing these yummy, low carb, keto-friendly Halloween drink treats.  Combining apple flavored seltzer with Torani Sugar Free Raspberry and Peach Syrups she’s brought us back to those state fair candy apples we so vividly remember from our childhood.  More of a caramel apple kind of person? Replace the Torani Sugar Free Raspberry and Torani Sugar Free Peach Syrups for Torani Sugar Free Salted Caramel. 
Vampire’s Delight Cocktail with oozing decoration on rim

Vampire’s Delight Cocktail

This vampire enjoys tequila. Toss in a little lemon-lime soda, cranberry juice and Torani Blood Orange Syrup for a delightfully delicious drink thanks again to Jessa of Sparkle Living Blog.


Hula Ghoul Punch in coconut cup with straw

Hula Ghoul Punch

Pumpkins aren’t the only ones who have fun - check out these creepy coconuts! Filled with sweet flavors of coconut water, pineapple and brown sugar cinnamon, this punch is all but creepy! Thank you to Angel from Yay! Baby blog for waking up our taste buds.
Halloween Low Carb Candy Drinks with twix and rolos

Halloween Low Carb Candy Drinks

Denise over at My Life Cookbook is at it again! This time she’s created a low carb drink version of your favorite Halloween Candy - Twix, Swedish Fish, Rolos, watermelon Jolly Rancher and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  PS: add vodka to make these into cocktails.


Sleepy Hollow Latte

Sleepy Hollow Latte

There’s nothing sleepy about this latte.  Bursting with flavors of orange and creme de cacao this latte is sure to wake up all of the spirits! 
Sugar Free Chocolate Macadamia Nut Aloha Iced Latte

Sugar Free Chocolate Macadamia Nut Aloha Iced Latte

Maybe you’re planning a Halloween Luau? Whether you’re putting on that Hawaiian shirt or not, this latte is nutty and oh so good! 
Black Sesame Caramel Frappé with spoon

Black Sesame Caramel Frappé

This frappé is a little different than what we’re accustomed to think about when we say “frappé,” but it’s goodness is undeniable.  A couple of secret ingredients to making this frappé’s epic black coloring lies in the black sesame powder and optional activated charcoal coconut powder.  Torani Caramel Syrup makes a nice appearance as well. We’re huge fans of Rachel’s recipe from Sugared & Stirred and hope you give it a try.  PS: did you notice that perfect black sugar rim?! 
Witch’s Cold Brew Butterscotch Coffee decorated with googly eyes and cat straw

Witch’s Cold Brew Butterscotch Coffee

A simple, yet very satisfying cold brew coffee recipe that’s a MUST for Halloween - whether it be during the festivities or enjoyed on the next day, to recoup from the festivities! Jessica of Living la Vida Holoka really turned up the cuteness with those candy eyes and cat straws (everything is better with cat straws, right?)
We gave you the drinks now go find your demons… we mean, ghosts? never mind … 
Happy Halloween! Make sure to stock up on all your Torani Syrup needs and have a safe and fun Halloween celebration.