Raspberry Champagne Bellini

Raspberry Champagne Bellini


3 oz honey

1 orange zested/juiced

4 tbsp granulated stevia

2 oz Cognac

2 oz Torani Puremade Zero Sugar Vanilla Syrup



Start by rimming two champagne flutes. Add 2 oz honey to a small plate. Mix stevia and orange zest together in another small plate. Dip the champagne flutes in honey followed by the orange sugar and set aside.  To a cocktail shaker with ice add ¼ cup raspberries, 1 oz honey, orange juice, cognac, Torani Puremade Zero Sugar Vanilla Syrup and ice. Shake for about 20 seconds.  Strain mixture into two glasses. Then top with champagne. Garnish with additional raspberries. 2 servings.