It’s here again: the changing of the seasons. Many mark the emergence of summer among their favorite time of year. We certainly embrace it—not only do the days get longer, but the foot traffic tends to pick up as well!

With temperatures on the rise, spirits and thirsts tend to follow. We have a special series of LTO recipes to help you welcome 2023’s warmer seasons.

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Cold brew



Chill Out

As temperatures increase during the warm weather months, it’s the perfect time to indulge in blended beverages such as shakes, frappes, milkshakes, and iced drinks with textural inclusions. Blend in a variety of flavors and take things to a whole new level by adding real fruit toppers and fun garnishes. These frozen and iced creations are here to cool down your customers as the heat rises.

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Matcha beverage


Zero Guilt Trip

People are trying their best to be healthy, yet they don’t want to miss out on trying new, exciting, and indulgent things. Just over one-quarter (27%) of consumers say they purchase sugar free drinks daily.1 Help them keep their resolutions strong with Zero Sugar and Sugar Free versions of their favorite beverages. Indulgence without compromise.

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Cold Brew beverage


In the Elements

Experience flavor like never before! Encourage your customers to awaken their senses by finding connection with the elements. Take an adventure through earth, water, fire, and air. Each recipe evokes flavor profiles that connects us to all that surrounds us.

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Blue Beverage with red fish gummies


Vitamin Sea

Transport your customers to their favorite seaside getaway, tropical oasis, or a trip along the coast. These recipes are making waves with a new take on “Culinary Tourism” that allows customers to experience global flavors. Take a sip and be whisked away!

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Sour Power

Sweet takes an unexpected twist and collides with sour for a mouth-puckering flavor experience. “Sweet And...” is one of our trends for this year and focuses on complex flavor combinations like sweet & heat, sweet & savory and sweet & salty. Sweet & sour takes the stage for spring/summer - tart flavors such
as lemon and limeades, citrus and sour candy will excite taste buds.

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