Welcome to 2024! This year, it’s about taking it easy—finding the time to relax, innovate, and enjoy all the little things that make our lives more memorable.

Here at Torani, we’re kicking off this year by sharing with you what’s trending in consumer tastes, the latest batch of delightfully tasty recipes, and plain ol’ good-to-know info. You’ll find all of these in the latest edition of our Annual Outlook Pourcast!

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Foty matcha


New Flavor Frontiers 

Add fun and whimsy to your menu with the use of fantasy flavors. By combining familiar flavors with imaginative names and stunning visuals, you can transport your customers to other worlds! What kind of whimsical wonders can you whip up for your customers? 

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beautifully basic


Beautifully Basic

In today’s inflation climate, many consumers are going to be drawn to options that pose the least amount of “risk” to their wallet and tastebuds. Consider ways to utilize familiar fan favorite flavors (such as Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc.) to create delicious low-risk options for your customers. Or experiment with riffs on the classics with some of Torani’s newer releases, such as Vanilla Salt or Kettle Corn. 

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Ready to roll


Ready to Roll

The emphasis on drive-thru and to-go solutions for customers continues to be a vital part of cafés’ success in today’s industry. According to the New York Post, 47% of Americans would skip going to a restaurant that didn't have a drive-thru option. Consider utilizing techniques and technology that help create more efficiency in the drive-thru line – such as mobile ordering or “line-busters”. Also be sure your product offerings are to-go friendly as well. There is a perceived longer lifespan for cold drinks versus hot – making them excellent to-go options for customers.

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Hydration Nation

Hydration continues to be a rising focus for consumers. Spurred on by the #WaterTok trend that began in 2023, consumers are looking for low-calorie options that refresh and hydrate. 

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Tasty Texture

International cuisines continue to inspire U.S. menus and consumers – for example, through the addition of texture in beverages. Textural components elevate the consumption experience by: creating something guests won’t make at home, displaying barista expertise and skill, and transforming a drink into a “snackable treat”. 

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Super Charger

In 2024, consumers will crave more than just tasty drinks – they're hunting for beverages that cater to their diverse needs. Thanks to TikTok's viral videos on functional coffee additives like protein, mushrooms, superfruits, and antioxidants, there's a rising demand for these power-packed offerings. The thirst for functional beverages is spilling over into cafés – consider elevating your menu with value-packed ingredients like matcha, turmeric, electrolytes, and adaptogens in ways that are deliciously approachable. 

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