Consumers are on a quest for more natural, simpler products.  They want recognizable ingredients on a label with no compromise on the taste.  That’s why Torani is committed to using real, simple ingredients and providing clear, available product information to consumers, customers and partners.  In April 2019, we are transitioning our regular sauce line to Torani Puremade.  The same amazing sauce experience with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  Delivering the flavor that consumers are craving with the pure and simple ingredients they demand. 

Torani’s vision is to deeply consider the value proposition in our drive for simple and natural ingredients.  We continually consider the cost-value benefit when evaluating ingredients for our product lines.  In this case, we were able to reformulate Torani’s Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel sauces to deliver amazing flavor at the same price. 


Torani Puremade Dark Chocolate Sauce features the rich, sophisticated taste of dark chocolate.  Premium ingredients like Dutch Cocoa allow the flavor to come through, even when paired with the bitter taste of espresso.  This new formulation includes no artificial preservatives and no GMO.

Torani Puremade White Chocolate Sauce captures the true essence of creamy white chocolate.  The combination of sweetened condensed milk, nonfat milk and cocoa butter allows the sauce to perfectly balance rich espresso.  This new formulation features the removal of mono- and diglycerides, no artificial ingredients and no GMO. 

Torani Puremade Caramel Sauce has a rich, buttery caramel flavor that achieves the authentic burnt brown sugar taste found in artisan caramel.  Removed from this formulation are mono-and diglycerides and artificial preservatives. 

In addition to product formulation improvements, we listened to operators and made a simple packaging improvement.  We added a viewing window to our 64 oz. bottle to make it easier to determine the amount of remaining sauce. 

Expertly crafted to complement beverages, Torani Sauces deliver the rich flavor that perfectly blends in coffee and frozen drinks.  With Torani Puremade Sauces, you can create drinks without artificial ingredients and emulsifiers.  It’s amazing flavor without compromise.