Are you looking to elevate your beverage menu in a cost-effective way? All it takes is re-purposing staple ingredients you already have in your café. We understand that menus are always changing and improving. Here are some creative ways to take your drinks to another level.

Alternative milk

smoothies made with alternative milk

You may already be offering several alternative milk options for your latte customers. You can also use alternative milks when blending smoothies – it’s a simple way to cut sugar and calories while maintaining a great taste and texture.

Better-for-You Strawberry Smoothie

  • 4 oz. Torani Strawberry Real Fruit Smoothie Mix
  • 4 oz. almond milk
  • 16 oz. ice

Skinny Mango Coconut Smoothie

  • 4 oz. Torani Mango Real Fruit Smoothie Mix
  • 4 oz. coconut milk
  • 16 oz. ice

Lemon & Lime wedges

lemons and limes

Most of us throw fruit peels in the trash or compost, because what use do they have? Well turns out they do have a purpose after all! Looking to add a little extra flavor to your smoothies? Blend one lime or lemon wedge in with your smoothie, peel and all. A single wedge will enhance the smoothie’s flavor profile, creating a fresh and zesty taste.

Note: Do not try this technique with orange or grapefruit since the peels are much more bitter.

Espresso beans

mocha frappé

Who doesn’t love a mocha frappé? Creamy, chocolaty, a shot of espresso with whipped cream on top. Want to put an extra spin on your mocha frappé? Try this with chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Throw 4-5 espresso beans in when blending a frappé for visual and textural appeal.

Turbinado sugar (Sugar In The Raw®)

turbinado sugar

Have a delicious Crème Brûlée flavored latte or frappé to promote? Emulate the crunch of the classic dessert by sprinkling some turbinado sugar on top of the whipped cream.

At Torani, we're all about flavor for all and opportunity for all. We are crazy about menu innovation and are constantly learning new ways to grow operational efficiencies that help our partners scale. For more information about how we can help grow your business, call us at 1-800-775-1925