As the weather cools, nostalgia and tradition tend to swell. We ponder the future and draw closer to family. Fun still abounds, as holiday celebrations come faster and more frequent. A menu that can match these moods will stand out, and that’s exactly what we want to help build with this Pourcast’s whopping 40+ recipes.

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The nostalgia trend has been prevalent due to the stress and uncertainty of the past two years, as consumers look minimize risk in their choices and revisit more positive times. The traditional trend is even more important during the fall and winter seasons, with familiar scents like gingerbread, pumpkin and peppermint triggering warm and fuzzy feelings, and evoking joyful memories.

Are pumpkin and peppermint still ruling these seasons? Our studies have shown that the answer is YES! They are still the top two flavors for the fall and winter windows, so don’t be afraid to lean into the classics! You can always make it your own by doing tradition with a twist.

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Indulgence without the guilt

The holiday season typically isn’t associated with being health conscious, but you can change that this year while still serving something DELICIOUS. By utilizing Torani’s Puremade Zero Sugar and Sugar Free lines, you can create craveable creations without the added calories!

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Delicious dairy-free

Did you know that more than half of consumers (54%) order beverages that contain alternative or plant-based milks? Top reasons for people choosing plant based were taste (45%), digestability (42%), less calories/fat (33%), novelty/something different (32%), and sustainability (30%).*

Plant-based milks are no longer just "alternatives" to dairy - they are a great way to offer a unique addition to your fall and winter menus and elevate a drink's flavor profile. 

*Attest Study, June 2022. N=400 consumers nat. rep.

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Embracing the cold

Consumers crave cold beverages year-round. The trend is driven by the younger generations who enjoy sipping iced coffee despite the cold temperatures and exhibit a cold beverage preference overall. Cold beverages can further benefit from their “afternoon treat” status. Utilizing elements such as textural inclusions, creamy toppers and exciting flavors makes seasonal cold specialty drinks the ideal vehicle to drive sales excitement in the afternoon daypart. Be sure to have cold beverages as part of your signature holiday menu.

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Making it fun!

Creating experiences that your customers can’t or wouldn’t recreate at home continues to be a top priority for operators. During the holidays, consumers look for experiences that are fun, creative and festive. Utilize unique techniques, textural inclusions and vibrant colors to draw in young flavor seekers and create the ultimate holiday experience!

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