We Have a (Delicious!) Announcement...

We are thrilled to launch Torani's first-ever 'Pourcast Flavor of the Year' for 2022: Torani Puremade Salted Egg Yolk Syrup!

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Rich and versatile, sweet and savory, this unique flavor enhances a wide range of beverages. After endless research and hundreds of tastings, we’re confident that the salted egg yolk flavor will skyrocket into the 2022.

Originating in China, the flavor has enhanced traditional and cutting-edge cuisines and beverages worldwide from ice creams and pastries to boba teas and potato chips! It's a delicious taste that reflects the current trend of 'Culinary Tourism' enabling consumers to discover new foods and drinks inspired from around the globe. 

We are ‘flavor geeks’ and have loved our long and delicious trek identifying and crafting the Flavor of 2022, here are the highlights…

January 2021: Flavor Ideation 

In the early days, our list of contenders for our Pourcast Flavor of 2022 exceeded 100 possible flavors. Our team of market insights and flavor experts pored over global insights and trends, carefully reviewing each concept to narrow the list down to 20 flavors to track over the coming months.

Stacy Brainstorming flavor of the year 2021

February 2021: Gold Standard Tasting 

Our food scientists hosted a series of "Gold Standard" tastings. They sourced an array of products reflective of our top concepts from various local import markets, produce stands, bakeries, and online shops. Our tasting team worked to identify the target flavor nuances for each potential flavor option and selected six flavors to move ahead into development. These targets became Torani's Gold Standards and the roadmaps for our scientists during the months ahead.

Torani team member opening bagtwo torani team members opening bagstable with gold standard tasting form and some food for tastingdifferent salted egg yolk products for tasting

March-May 2021: Flavor Formulation

We've hit each potential flavor option out of the park. While our insights team was carefully tracking trends, our flavor scientists began the long development process to create amazing flavors, perfectly matching our Gold Standard for each of the concepts.

table with implements used for creating flavorstorani team members in flavor creation room

May-June 2021: Prototype Tasting

While the scientists continued to refine formulas week after week on the lab bench, our broader team gathered weekly to taste and evaluate each prototype. It's a long and rigorous – though also delicious – process as our team considered each option’s flavor, color, mouthfeel, and aroma at each stage of development. As prototypes got closer to our Gold Standards, we focused on the top four concepts and developed recipes and tastings for various applications, including cold brews, milkshakes, boba teas, sodas, cocktails, and more.

people test tastingtesting samples being filled

August-September 2021: Marketing & Design

By mid-August, our team narrowed down the potential list to just two options for the Flavor of 2022, and the marketing team got to work creating label designs, planning photoshoots, and ideating launch plans. Each Flavor of the Year contender had code names to ensure the ultimate Flavor was kept top secret inside our building and out.

labels and label mockupslabel mockups with salted egg yolk bottlelabel design with color swatchestorani team members discussing labels while looking at swatches

August-December 2021: Production & Shipping 

Both of our top two flavors moved into trial production in August, a critical step that ensured the product would deliver the same flavor profiles as initially intended. We used an assortment of these samples for everything from recipe development to sensory to shelf-life testing. Meanwhile, Torani's market insights team observed the continued consumer interest around the salted egg yolk flavor, ultimately finalizing its selection as the Flavor of 2022. In November, we initiated full-scale production, filled our warehouse, and prepared to ship.

torani flavor factortwo bottles of salted egg yolk syrup

This year's taste, Torani Puremade Salted Egg Yolk Syrup, begins our 2022 Flavor of the Year campaign.

And just this month, we've already started our work identifying flavor concepts for the Pourcast Flavor of 2023! Any ideas? Please drop me a line or tag @Torani and #FlavorOfTheYear on Instagram and @ToraniFlavor on TikTok.