It can be hard to keep track of all of our new flavor releases, so we’ve rounded them up in one place just for you! From fruity to chocolatey to spicy and sweet, we have a variety of flavors for you to choose from. 

various puremade zero sugar syrups
Our Puremade Zero Sugar line has six new flavors so far this year. Crafted with zero artificial preservatives, zero artificial colors and zero GMOs, Puremade Zero Sugar Syrups are amazing flavor without compromise.  We have new recipes to get you inspired for your next drink. 
zero sugar chocolate daquiri with zero sugar chocolate syrup and spiced sugar cane spirit bottle
Zero Sugar Chocolate Daquiri
With a rich, indulgent aroma, this syrup is inspired by the flavor of European bittersweet chocolate with zero calories and zero sugar. Pair it with your favorite spiced cane spirit, and indulge in a modern twist on a classic daquiri. 
shaken coconut lemongrass teasan with torani puremade coconut syrup
Shaken Coconut Lemongrass Teasan 
Our Puremade Zero Sugar Coconut Syrup evokes the taste of ripe, Hawaiian coconuts with none of the calories. Lemongrass tea, ginger and coconut water pair perfectly with this zero sugar zero calorie coconut syrup.  This tea refresher is the perfect afternoon treat. 
torani tradewinds with puremade zero sugar mango syrup
Torani Tradewinds
Enjoy the tropical aroma of mango with this syrup. Add a splash of Torani Puremade Zero Sugar Mango syrup and mix with rum, spice, pineapple and lime juice for your next getaway in a glass. This mango syrup is great for iced tea or your next cocktail. 
Lite Blushing Peach Frose with puremade zero sugar peach syrup
Lite Blushing Peach Frose
This syrup delivers the flavor of orchard fresh, ripe and juicy peaches with none of the calories. From sweet teas to cocktails, use this syrup for your next guilt-free drink.
Lite Raspberry Hard Lemonade Seltzer with puremade zero sugar raspberry syrup
Lite Raspberry Hard Lemonade Seltzer
With a perfect balance of sweet and tart, this syrup evokes the flavor of a fresh, juicy raspberry with none of the calories. Add lemonade and hard seltzer water for the perfect summertime drink. 

We even added to our Puremade and Original lines. Enjoy our chocolately decadent Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce for your next latte, frappe or over ice cream. Try something new with our Puremade Mangonada or Puremade Black Sugar - add some flair to your next sparkling lemonade or boba milk tea. Or, start your morning with a favorite flavor: French Toast. Both flavors are perfect for your next fall drink. 

Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Frappe with puremade chocolate hazelnut syrup
Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Frappe 
Enjoy a decadent combination of rich chocolate and hazelnut form our latest sauce flavor. This flavor is nut allergen free, so everyone can enjoy it, and doubles as a decadent ice cream or dessert topper. Blend ice, coffee and milk of your choice with our newest Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut sauce for an afternoon caffeine buzz. 
Puremade Mangonada Lemon-Spritz with puremade mangonada syrup
Puremade Mangonada Lemon-Spritz
Sweet, spicy, tart and salty, our latest Puremade Mangonada Syrup is inspired by the Mexican treat. This flavor combines the sweet, juicy taste of ripe mango with the complexity and warm spice of chamoy, the beloved Mexican condiment made from pickled fruit and chili peppers.  Add to sparkling water, lemonade or a combo of the two for your next refreshing spritz. 
black sugar milk tea with puremade black sugar syrup
Black Sugar Milk Tea
This exciting new flavor was inspired by the Okinawan confection known as “kokuto.” It has been at the forefront of the Asian beverage scene and recently was introduced to North America through West Coast independent boba tea shops. Delivering the earthy taste of raw sugar cane, this dark-hued syrup delivers a delicious caramelized flavor with hints of molasses. Add milk, tea, and boba for your next addicting cold beverage. 
Bourbon French Toast Milkshake with french toast syrup
Bourbon French Toast Milkshake
Just in time for fall, our new French Toast syrup is the perfect combination of brown sugar, cinnamon, maple and vanilla. This syrup perfectly captures the custardy goodness of a breakfast favorite. Add to milk, ice cream and bourbon (optional) for a sweet milkshake. 
Whether you’re basking in the summer sun with your next iced tea or lemonade, or anticipating your next fall favorite beverage, our latest Torani syrups and sauces are here to help.