National coffee day is right around the corner which means it might be time for you to switch up your caffeine routine! Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, simple or intricate, sweet or extra sweet winking face, we have the recipes for you. Having a cup of joe is the best way to start your day, give your afternoon boost, or complement your evening dessert. Channel your inner barista and try these 8 recipes!


Puremade Salted Caramel Sparkling Cold brew 

You have probably tried cold brew, but have you given sparkling cold brew a chance? With some extra bubbles, the carbonation in this drink makes it the perfect, refreshing afternoon beverage when you need a little caffeine kick to get you through the day.


Sugar Free Toffee Nut Cappuccino 

If you like your coffee with a little extra foam and a whole lot more flavor, we have the drink for you! This classic fall flavor can be the addition to any coffee drink and should always be garnished with, you guessed it, cinnamon.

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Iced Dirty Chai Latte  

Jazz up your next chai tea latte by adding a caffeine boost as well as some fun garnishes to make you feel extra bougie. 

Puremade Vanilla Dalgona 

Remember whipped coffee? It may not be trending on tiktok anymore, but who wouldn’t want a dollop of sweet and fluffy coffee on top of their favorite kind of milk.  


Puremade Chocolate Milano Latte

Chocolate Milano cookies are great for dipping in coffee, so why not make a drink that tastes just like one. Add the Puremade Chocolate Milano Syrup to your coffee bar at home for the taste of these scrumptious cookies with natural flavors and no preservatives.


Keto-Friendly Choco-Nut Cold Brew

Switch up your morning coffee with the addition of the Puremade Zero Chocolate syrup and Puremade Zero Sugar Hazelnut syrup cold foam for a sweet, but low-calorie boost.


Iced Caramel Latte

Who could resist the decadence of a latte made with our famous caramel sauce? Upgrade your morning coffee with the creamy, rich taste of this iced latte.



Puremade Zero Sugar Vanilla Dirty Horchata

Horchata is a Mexican beverage made of rice and is naturally dairy free. Spice it up with some espresso and Puremade Zero Sugar Vanilla syrup to have a sweet treat without the calories.


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