Torani Team Member Since: 2017 

romina cimet

Previously a food technologist in the frozen food space, Romi started her career formulating pizzas and pastries. But developing syrups and sauces is very different.

We sat down with Romi to talk about her journey transitioning from working in Israel in the baked goods industry to working in the Bay Area in a new category of syrups. 

Follow us as Romi shares her journey to mastering the art and science of developing Torani’s innovative flavor profiles.

A Little About Romi

What is your role at Torani?

I am Senior Food Scientist. I help to develop syrups and other products.

How did you come to work at Torani?

First I noticed Torani was at a coffee place I go to. Then I started to see the brand in other neighboring cities, so I was intrigued by this company. When I looked at the website, I noticed that Torani is a family company. I’m a foodie. I love flavors and I love food. That’s one of the main things that drew me to the company -- to be able to play with flavors and understand food better, and to create memorable moments for customers.

What has been your favorite project at Torani?

Longan syrup, which is the first syrup I developed in my career at Torani. This syrup was developed specifically for our partners over in Asia and we took a different take on this fruit. So we specifically developed this syrup to match the flavor profile that our customers overseas are used to. In America, it’s very close to the lychee fruit, so we had to develop something that really is different from lychee and it actually tastes like longan. So we had to decide if it would taste like canned longan or fresh longan. It was my first project with Torani and it just got me immersed into the gold standard process. That was my favorite so far because I learned so much.

What are you drinking these days?

I love vanilla bean. In sodas, I go for grenadine, it’s kind of a childhood flavor. I try to keep a balanced diet, I like sodas with grenadine, raspberry, and I really like lemonades. I like smoothies, too, I’m a smoothy person. And lattes, that’s what starts my day!

Have your flavor preferences changed since you started working here?

Ya, they change a lot. I feel like I understand vanilla profiles better now since working here. When I first started I like salted caramel iced tea a lot, but I got to understand vanilla can transform drinks. So having a vanilla bean lavender cold brew is amazing. As you’re developing flavors, you learn more about different flavor descriptors and just to know how something should taste, helps you search for that flavor or aroma, and you enjoy it more.

romi with friend

The Team

What’s it like working with the R&D team?

The fact that we are foodies and the fact that we can talk about food all day long! You’re surrounded by people who care about others. I believe we have really bright people in our department and it is good to have people who “get” you. We talk a lot outside the office about trends we’re seeing, or flavors we’re tasting. When you work with great people, you’re motivated to connect with them about things you have in common, like food!

What’s your favorite team event and why?

Pie day. I love pie day! There is a lot of excitement around the baking of the pies. I love to bake, so it’s good to see what other team members bring to the table and see how our syrups develop in other categories. Some of our team members will bring pies that they try to infuse with our syrups or sauces, so I feel like there is a lot of creativity around this event.This year I did a southern tomato pie and last year it was a macadamia nut pie with Kit Kats.

Do you have a work BFF?

I’ve made really strong connections here. There isn’t just one person, but several team members I know I can share a lot with.

What are your thoughts about the management team?

I think Lisa is an amazing leader. The way she cares for all of our team members, the way she knows us. It’s unparalleled to any other owner I’ve known. She brings joy to the company. And I feel like Melanie embodies all of our core values. I’ve never met such a bright executive. It’s really an honor to work with them both. 

romi with children and very tall bottle of raspberry syrup

Her Perspective

How are you different now since you started working at Torani?

I think Torani has allowed me to be more flexible. It has opened me up to different categories in the food industry. Through flavors, you get to know so many other cultures, so working with Torani has opened me up to learn about different cultures.

How has Torani helped you grow in your career?

At Torani, we are always surrounded by food and we are always looking for possibilities to develop new flavors or to understand how new products could work. Torani has given me the opportunity to portray my own new ideas and new flavor concepts. We are very free to explore.

What gets you excited about coming to work?

Our team members. Everyone is just so happy to be here. 

What do you like most about working here?

The flexibility to explore different fields. Now as a food scientist, we’re working on different projects with syrups, but at the same time, we’re working on our transition to selling new products, which gives me the opportunity to explore. It’s not just about food science, although that’s my main contribution, there is a lot about project management and other areas that I get to explore, and I’m very thankful for that.

Where do you see yourself in 5 - 10 years?

I hope we are producing super innovative products -- something that the Bay Area has not seen so far. I hope to contribute to the future; to be bringing up the amazing flavor for the next generation.

If you could do anyone else’s job at Torani, whose would it be?

That’s a difficult question because I really love my job! I do what I love and I’m exactly where I want to be.