Position: Customer Service Supervisor

Torani Team Member Since: 2011

When you have questions about Torani, who are you going to call? Sandra, Torani’s Customer Service Supervisor. Through her love and care for the customer experience, Sandra makes sure every customer is satisfied and taken care of. We sat down with her to learn about her journey at Torani and why she loves being on the Torani team.

A Little Bit About Sandra

sandra cruz surrounded by strawberries and holding a drink

What is your role at Torani?

I am the Customer Service Supervisor

Tell us about your start at Torani?

I’m going on 8 years in October and I applied on Craigslist as a Customer Service Representative.

What’s special about Torani?

I love my job.  I always want to make sure my customers are satisfied and taken care of. As far as the environment, it’s different because it feels like a family environment more so than just a job. I just love working here.

What are you drinking these days? Which flavor is your favorite right now?

My favorite flavor is the Classic Root Beer Syrup. If I’m having a cocktail, then I’ll use Guava Syrup with vodka. It’s pretty good with a little ice and lime.

The Team

What’s it like working with your team?

They’re great! In Customer Service, it’s like the grand central station. If we can’t do it we will figure out the right solution. The Customer Service team works very hard to get the job done and those orders processed.  We work really well together.


sandra cruz with a big smile and holding a drink

“It’s different because it feels like a family environment more so than just a job.”

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you while working at Torani?

Since I’m so shy, getting involved in the team’s social media photoshoot was the most fun. For me that was funny, because I got to see the pictures I liked and I got to see the goofy side of myself in the pictures. I think that was one of the more crazy experience I’ve had here.

Do you have a work besty?

My work besty is Susan, my boss. She’s such a great mentor and she’s helped me so much. Learning from her and seeing everything she does from the way she thinks and communicates. She’s a great coach and she is passionate about her job. I can see that by the way she works and the way she treats people.

What’s been your favorite team event here? Why?

I have so many! I love the big company town hall because we get to hang out with everyone. I’m also very competitive so one of my favorite events is the Tail Gate Toss. I want to win.  Everyone comes out for it and many people are competitive so it’s a lot of fun.

sandra cruz and another Torani team member playing tail gate toss

“For me personally, the most rewarding part for the job is seeing people grow.”

Her Perspective

What have you felt to be the most rewarding part of your job?

For me personally, the most rewarding part for the job is seeing people grow. I’ve seen people who worked in the Distribution Center and now they’re in different positions. Seeing people advancing and being promoted, I love that because I feel it’s important for a company to grow within. Especially the people who have been here for a long time, they’re representing you so it’s great to see them get promoted. I take pride in that and I like to feel as though I’ve helped them grow and excel to a new level.  

What do you find motivating about working for a company like Torani?

For me what’s motivating is we’re growing and we’re expanding. I know we’re out there already, but it feels like the possibilities are endless. It’s exciting to see where we are growing every year, and imagining where we’ll be in 10 years and 20 years, I want to be a part of that growth.

What do you like about working here?

I would say the people. I enjoy coming to work.  Sometimes I feel guilty because I enjoy what I do so much! The people are great here as well. I believe in the product and want to make sure our customers have a great experience with Torani. Compared to other jobs I’ve had, Torani makes people happy and brings them together.

 What else about the people makes Torani so special?

We collaborate very well. In most companies, you have separate departments and teams, but here at Torani everybody works together no matter what department you’re in. Everyone is inter-mingled and you get to know everyone. You get to see the love for the company that people have and you see the pride that they have in the company.