Our People

Our People

At Torani, everything starts with people. We know when our people succeed, Torani succeeds, our partners succeed, and we all thrive. When media inquiries arise, here’s a selection of Torani people who can share our story.

Melanie Dulbecco

Want to know how to lead a company through 30 years of amazing growth? Sit down over a latte with Melanie and she’d love to share more. Melanie has steered our organization with a “Grow, baby, grow!” mentality since 1991. And while Torani is best known for our products, it’s our commitment to people that Melanie is most proud of. She is passionate about Torani’s purpose of “Flavor for all. Opportunity for all.TM” From becoming a Certified B Corporation to living and breathing “career mixology”, Torani has made an impact on all of the stakeholders we touch.

We invite the media to learn more about what Flavor for all. Opportunity for all.TM really means and have a conversation with Melanie. Email us at pr@torani.com!

Lisa Lucheta
Chairperson of the Board

In 1925, Lisa’s grandparents, Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre, founded Torani. Today, Lisa is the Chairperson of the Board. Torani remains fiercely independent and family-owned, largely due to Lisa’s passion and leadership. She provides the tie to our family legacy, and makes certain each Torani team member feels a part of the family. Whether Lisa is personally handing out every paycheck to over 200 Torani team members (just as her father, Harry, did) or leading the Community Team, her values inspire each of us and everyone around her.

Want to hear more about Torani’s family history and deep values? Reach out to Lisa.

Andrea Ramirez
Customer & Consumer Insights Manager

Andrea makes it her job to understand the intersection of consumer behaviors and the ever-changing beverage and foodservice industry. As our seasoned flavor expert and trend guru, she seeks new tastes in pursuit of menu and product opportunities. Her expertise arms our customers with the most relevant insights to help them grow their business.

Connect with Andrea for a chance to view life through her flavor lens!

Romina Cimet
Senior Food Scientist- Transformation

Mastering the art and science of developing innovative flavor profiles, Romi is an important part of our Research & Development team. She is always excited to talk with the media about how Torani searches for the best ingredients and utilizes Torani’s unique Gold Standard process in amazing product development. She also works on Torani’s top secret big innovations, but she can’t share that news quite yet with the media.

Want to learn more about food science and the Gold Standard Process, reach out to Romi.

Tai Doong
Chief Marketing Activist

It’s not every day that you meet an executive with the word “Activist” in their title, but that’s precisely what Tai does each day. Tai leads Torani’s marketing team and helps share our flavors and purpose with the world. Bucking the trends of traditional CPG marketing, Tai crafts innovative marketing strategies that communicate not only the value of our Torani products, but also the promise that each bottle carries.

Learn more about our brand promise and more from Tai.

Stacy Cooper Dent
General Manager - International

Torani’s breakthrough global strategies can be credited to Stacy. As lead of the International business, she focuses her team on growing Torani in markets from Saudi Arabia to South Korea. Having been with Torani for almost two decades, she can speak to Torani’s tremendous growth and innovation, and how it’s led to international success.

Talk with Stacy about what it’s like taking a 95-year-old startup global.