What’s inexpensive, shelf-stable, brings on a wave of nostalgia among consumers, and comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors? Cereal. While many consumers prefer a more hearty and nutritional breakfast over a sugary cereal, this morning meal has evolved to become a versatile food.

Cereal offers the perfect combination of flavor and color. Creating a cereal themed drink or garnish enhances a common menu item that customers know and brings a twist of flavor that they are familiar with. For example, if a customer’s favorite cereal flavor is Frosted Flakes®, chances are they will enjoy a Frosted Flakes® themed beverage. Cereal themed items not only have immense flavor, the colorful cereal helps to create the perfect subject for an Instagram post that young consumers are sure to share with their friends.

According to a “2018 Foodservice Trends” report by research firm Mintel, two in five members of Generation Z and one in four millennial consumers agree that social media exposes them to types of food they previously never heard of.  Gen Z consumers are interested in not just how their food and drink tastes, but also how it looks. 


Flavor-forward cafes and bakeries like Milk Bar, have created their twist of cereal themed drinks with their addition of the Cereal Milk Latte. They know that breakfast and coffee go hand in hand, so why not drink something that will give you the flavors of both? Home café has incorporated cereal into their menus in beverages like their Cookie Monster-gato. Taking the already unique drink like an Affogato and elevating it with cereal shows how cereal can take drinks to another level. Home has taken their use of cereal a step further by using it to garnish toast like in their Milk & Cereal Toast. The familiar flavors coupled with the beauty of their products gives Home café a diversifying set of menu items that entice customers to return.

Cereal doesn’t have to be consumed with a bowl of milk anymore. Cereal has evolved from a breakfast dish into a unique food that is enjoyed at any time of day in a variety of applications. Such a versatile food can be mixed, matched, and customized into items that create a feeling of nostalgia. With so many different cereal flavors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.