As pioneers of flavor, we at Torani are perpetually driven by our insatiable curiosity for the flavors that surround us. For the year 2024, this pursuit led us to embark on a new journey into space itself. Our mission? To explore and unravel the flavors found within. Our quest to unearth the "taste of space" was inspired by a remarkable study undertaken by a team of astronomers. They were on a mission to detect signs of life in space, examining signals from Sagittarius B2, a dust cloud at the center of our galaxy. What they found was unexpected: ethyl formate, the same compound that gives raspberries their delightful flavor and rum its aroma. This delicious discovery gave us a chance to share a slice of the universe's wonders in a way that's familiar.




For almost 100 years, we at Torani have been on a quest to discover the next “it” flavors. Our team harnesses their culinary curiosity to track data, trends, and insights from hundreds of sources. Torani’s 2024 Pourcast Flavor of the Year is the culmination of these findings, resulting in an undeniably delicious, cosmic flavor.

Transport your tastebuds to new frontiers with Puremade Galaxy Syrup – an out-of-this-world blend of escapism and wonder that’s also inherently familiar.

Stellar Recipe Inspiration

Add a splash of Galaxy to...

Cold Brew

Flavored Energy






Iced Coffees

And More

The journey to bring Puremade Galaxy Syrup to life has been a daunting mission, spanning over a year in the making. Head to our blog to learn more about this cosmic culinary journey!

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