Torani is proud to share a few words from our valued friends at The Doshi House: 

"When we can change systems, dynamic collaborations are possible! 

 Doshi House is excited to introduce the making of Third Ward Coffee Cube – A coffee immersion lab and vocational training center.

 Third Ward Coffee Cube is a space designed to be a dynamic multifunctional coffee immersion experience bringing local Houstonians, residents, and partners of the coffee community together to Third Ward Houston. 

 This project will allow us to provide access and a space for our community to explore the elements of specialty coffee and its ecosystem. We hope by creating this space what emerges is interest, experience, and capacity within the community.  Through the cube we will be able to launch a vocational training program for Third Ward which would provide a direct line to job creation in the specialty coffee industry in Houston Texas. 

 We are excited that Torani is investing in community cafes to encourage innovation and change things up for the betterment of the industry. We are extremely grateful and look forward to seeing this partnership unfold." 

 - The Doshi House Family