As we settle into the new year, we’ve also taken some time to assess our sustainability and impact efforts from 2023.  The headline is that we made solid progress in several important areas AND there’s much more to do… at Torani, and also at every business and every home around the world. 

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 Torani Flavor Factory

Our purpose is Flavor for All. Opportunity for All. Flavor is not just what we make, but it’s also what each of us brings. And we believe that businesses can and should create more opportunities for people to really make it.

 Humphreys Street Coffee

Here are a few key ways Torani’s purpose came to life in 2023:

  • Our team members thrived --- we completed the first full year of our Skill Blocks development program. We exceeded our target for hires within and we paid out bonuses, profit sharing, and ESOP contributions to every team member.
  • Torani introduced Opportunity Grants and partnered with 15 for-purpose cafes doing remarkable work in their communities. These grants ultimately supported hundreds of people with learning and development opportunities across the country.
  • Our Flavor Factory’s sustainability initiatives made steady progress as we introduced our new Sustainability Dashboard. This year’s focused efforts ultimately conserved over 10 million gallons of water and dramatically reduced our electrical usage in 2023.
  • Our dedication to doing the right thing was reaffirmed in February when we received our B Corp recertification. This increasingly challenging certification inspires us to consistently raise the bar with our sustainability efforts.

 Humphreys Street Coffee Team Member

In 2025, Torani will celebrate our 100th anniversary and we’re committed to using this occasion to double-down on purpose: Flavor for All. Opportunity for All. We can’t wait to expand our impact and mark this event with all of you.

Read the 2023 Torani Impact Report here


Torani Team