With over 150 flavors to choose from, we know that choosing the perfect syrup for you can be a little tricky. We always strive to create amazing flavor in all of our products, but not all of our products are made the same way. You’re probably familiar with our Original and Sugar Free Syrup with our iconic red and blue label. You may also have heard of our Puremade and Puremade Zero Sugar syrups. The big questions is, what's the difference? We’ve broken down the differences below to help you select the best flavor for you. 

list of differences between puremade and original syrup

Original Syrup 

The syrup that you know and love, our original syrups bring you amazing flavor that will elevate your drinks to the next level. These contain natural and artificial flavors as well as preservatives.  Available in a large variety of flavors with bright and vibrant color.  You’ll always be able to find the flavor you need with our original syrup line. 

Puremade Syrup 

For those on a quest for more natural, simpler products, our Puremade Syrup is exactly what you're looking for. Crafted with only the purest ingredients, enjoy the same delicious flavor you love without any artificial flavors or preservatives and colors from natural sources.  These are also non-GMO.
Sugar Free Syrup Bottle and Zero Sugar Bottle Split in half describing the differences

Sugar Free Syrup 

Just because you are cutting calories, doesn’t mean you need to cut the flavor. Perfect for our health conscious customers, we sweeten our Sugar Free syrups with Splenda® to ensure that you can enjoy delicious flavor calorie free. 

Puremade Zero Sugar Syrup 

Similar to Sugar Free Syrups, our Puremade Zero Sugar Syrups deliver to you all of the amazing flavor you’re used to with zero artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners and colors from natural sources. Naturally sweetened with stevia and monkfruit, enjoy delicious flavor without the guilt. 

Now that you have a better understanding of our different product offerings, find the perfect flavor for you! Whether it be our classic original syrup or our clean and delicious Puremade Zero Sugar Syrup, we have a syrup for you to enjoy.