Some call it sweet tea, some call it sweetened iced tea. Whatever you call it, make it a flavorful and refreshing experience. Iced tea is one of our favorite refreshments. You get the health benefits teas full of antioxidants, and it cools you down and quenches your thirst on a hot day. Pour yourself a glass or batch it up for your next gathering. Here are 7 new ways you need to be drinking iced tea.

1. With berries

teas with berries

When summer hits, so does berry season. Add fresh berries to your drink and sip away. Our favorite berry combinations include: raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

Torani Recipes to try: Blackberry Sweet Tea, Berry Neighborly Iced Tea, Bramble Berry Iced Tea

2. With stone fruit

teas with stone fruits

Mangos, peaches, plums are a few delicious varieties to add to your teas

Torani Recipes to try: Peach Iced Tea, Mango Iced Tea, Peach Tea Freeze

3. With zesty ginger

teass with ginger

Offer a delicious twist to your classic iced tea by adding a bit of freshly grated ginger to the recipe.

Torani Recipe to try: Ginger Iced Tea, Ginger Lemon Iced Tea

4. With lemonade

tea with lemonade

Also known as a Half and Half or Refreshers, combine two favorites, lemonade and iced tea.

Torani Recipes to try: Puckered Palmer, Blackberry Half ‘n Half, Raspberry Refresher

5. With your friends

teas with straws and torani syrup

We have some serious love for batched drinks, simply because nothing is more fun than spending an afternoon with friends and family.

Torani Recipes to try: Pomegranate Sweet Tea, Citrus Iced Tea

6. With herbs

teas with herbs

A muddled sprig of mint along with an herbaceous garnish will go a long way to deliver fresh flavor and aroma.

Torani Recipes to try: Mojito Twist Iced Tea, Strawberry & Mint Iced Tea

7. With green tea

green tea drink

Forgo the traditional black tea and use green tea instead. 

Torani Recipes to try: Mango Twist Iced Green Tea, Lychee Iced Green Tea