Milk tea has been taking the world by storm. The original bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s with fresh brewed tea shaken with ice and milk. Add in your favorite toppings from jelly to tapioca pearls, and you have a snack-like refreshing beverage. Bubble tea, boba, pearl milk tea, or whatever you want to call it - we can all agree that this beverage from Taiwan is simply addictive. Tapioca balls bring a chewy, mochi-like texture to sip, and make bubble tea a drink like no other. With these 11 recipes, enjoy the amazing flavor of milk tea in the comfort of your home.  


Mango Bubble Milk Tea

Layer your boba with fruity flavors like Mango and a creamy milk base.  Our Mango Bubble Milk Tea Recipe is made with Torani Puremade Mango Syrup, brewed green or black tea, chilled, milk or milk alternative, Tapioca pearls, cooked and, Ice.
Photo Credit: Living the Gourmet 

Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

This refreshing bubble tea is the perfect afternoon pick me up. This Passionfruit Bubble Tea has a subtle tropical fruit flavor used to sweeten the brewed tea and add a splash of flavor. 

Hawaiian POG Bubble Tea

Our Hawaiian POG Bubble Tea recipe is made with Torani Passion Fruit Syrup, Torani Orange Syrup, Torani Guava Syrup, brewed green or black tea, chilled and ice. This easy bubble tea recipe is perfect for spring and summer. 

Ube Bubble Milk Tea

Infuse your bubble milk tea with the sweet taste of ube. Ube adds an earthy, vanilla-like sweetness to your drink.  Or, add an additional layer of flavor with matcha and create your own Ube Matcha Milk Tea at home. 

Rose Bubble Milk Tea

Nothing says spring time more than the floral scent of roses. The rose syrup note adds a subtle sweetness to upgrade your next bubble milk tea. Top it off with whipped cream for an even more decadent treat. 
Photo Credit: Angela Ricardo

Mango Sunrise Boba

This dreamy Mango Sunrise Bubble Milk from Angela Ricardo has all everything you want in a milk tea. Feel like you’re on a mini vacation with creamy coconut milk, sweet mango syrup and a tapioca pearls. Make it your own with optional add-ons like Nata de Coco or Coconut Jelly, Grass Jelly or Aiyu Jelly.
Photo Credit: Sherry Vu 

Strawberry Passion Fruit Milk Tea

We’re loving this sweet and tangy combination of fresh strawberries and passion fruit syrup from Sherry Vu. 
Photo Credit: Emily Laurae

Honeyed Hibiscus and Rose Milk Tea

Let floral and fruity flavors fill your cup with this Honeyed Hibiscus and Rose Milk Tea with White Peach Syrup. Infuse your milk with floral notes of rose before adding your honey and White Peach syrup. 
Photo Credit: Domesticallyblissful

Mango Raspberry Bubble Tea

This 4-ingredient bubble tea can be made at any time of day thanks to the addition of herbal tea.  Start with raspberry herbal tea, add Puremade Mango Syrup, creamer (milk or milk alternative), and fruity boba, and you’ll be enjoying this recipe through spring and into summer.
Photo Credit: Jen Naye at Girl Meets Party 

Peach Green Tea Milk Smoothie

This fantastic blend of sweet and earthy green tea with fruity peaches has us craving summer weather. Bump it up a notch and make this Peach Green Tea Milk smoothie into a bowl and top it with granola, fruit and coconut. 
Photo Credit: Macaronie Bites 

Blood Orange Chai Tea Iced Latte

A chai tea latte is a Western spin on the more traditional masala chai, a spiced tea from India. Combined with a frothy steamed milk that you find in a latte, and you’ll get a warmly sweet and spicy drink. Add a touch of blood orange syrup to add a fruity spin on this classic cinnamon and ginger-forward iced latte. 
Fruity, sweet, tart or floral, no matter which flavor you choose, your milk tea is sure to be refreshing and delightful.