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BodyByVi's Sweet Vanilla Chai Shake

BodyByVi's Sweet Vanilla Chai Shake


1 cup (8 oz) low-fat milk

2 Tbsp (1 oz) Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

1 Chai tea bag

2 scoops Body By Vi Shake powder

1 oz water


Add water in a microwave safe mug, and place in microwave on high for a few minutes or until really hot. Remove mug from microwave and add a Chai tea bag. Steep for a few minutes, remove tea bag and use 2 spoons to squeeze excess tea out for use. Add milk, Torani Syrup, chai tea and Vi mix into a blender. Blend until everything is incorporated. Serve cold and enjoy. Recipe courtesy of @GimmieFreebies_Recipes

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