Since the onset of COVID-19, self-treating with food & beverage has become a way for people to cope with the new normal. Increases in baking at home, eating comfort foods, snacks, and indulgent treats have been seen across the U.S. Milkshakes are the perfect vehicle to deliver customers a variety of traditional, unique, or decadent options to satisfy their cravings.

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"Freakshakes" take textural inclusions and toppings to a whole new level. Operators are serving milkshakes loaded with ice cream and sauces then adding unlikely ingredients – anything from donuts to candy bars! It creates an elevated experience that customers can’t recreate at home and are willing to pay more for!


Nostalgia is playing a BIG role in the food and beverage scene this in 2021. Customers are looking for things that remind them of the "good ol' days" and milkshakes are the perfect way to take a classic comfort food and turn it into a modern treat!