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Coffee Granita

Coffee Granita

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1/2 cup Torani Sugar Free Caramel Syrup

2 cup strong brewed coffee, cold

2 cups heavy cream

1/4 cup Torani Sugar Free French Vanilla Syrup


Click "Print" to see all instructions. To prepare the Granita: Combine the coffee and Torani Sugar Free Caramel Syrup in a shallow dish (like a glass pie plate). Place the dish in the freezer and check it periodically as it freezes. Use a fork to break up the ice crystals as they form. Continue to do this until the mixture has frozen into an icy thick slush. For a smoother texture, freeze into a block and used a shaved ice/snow cone shaver. To prepare the whipped cream: Combine the heavy cream and Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup in a large bowl. Whip, by hand with a whisk or use an electric mixer, to soft peaks. To serve, place alternating layers of whipped cream and the granita in a glass.

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