watermelon keg

We know this looks crazy, but we couldn't resist making it. Just as the weather is heating up, we thought a watermelon keg would be the perfect drink dispenser for our favorite melon flavor. Fill it up with yummy watermelon pieces and a batched cocktail (or mocktail for the kiddos)! 

Step 1: Gear up

Assemble your tools. You'll need a serrated knife, melon baller and a tap. We liked this PROfeshional Melon Tap from Amazon. Oh yeah, you'll also need a watermelon! Pick a medium sized ripe one.

tools and watermelon

Step 2: Give it feet

Screw in the PROfeshional Melon Tap feet. This will help keep the melon stabilized for the rest of the assembly and while serving.

attaching feet to watermelon

Step 3: Shave and a haircut

Cut the top off your watermelon. You'll want a hole large enough for you to use a melon baller to scoop the insides out. 

cutting top off watermelon

Step 3: Scoop away

Scoop out the yummy balls of watermelon and set them aside. (Pro Tip- freeze the watermelon balls and place in your batched drink. This will keep em chilled and they won't get diluted)

scooping out watermelon balls

Step 4: Tap that

Screw in the tap about 3/4 of the way down the face of the watermelon.

pushing tap into watermelon

Step 5: Batch it up

You can serve up a delightful Watermelon Soda, Watermelon Agua Fresca or if you want a more adult beverage try a Sunset Melon Margarita. (Note: to serve batched versions of some of these drinks, multiply the ingredients x6)

pouring italian soda in watermelon cavity

Step 6: Serve, sip and enjoy

No further detail necessary!

filling glass up from watermelon keg