Whether you’re “Valentining” or “Galentining,” an indulgent cocktail should find its way onto the menu.  Do you secretly have a love affair with chocolate? strawberries? martinis? Then let your Valentine or Galentine know by showing off your mixology skills.  Raise those glasses and toast to a new year filled with love and laughter. 

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Win your Valentine’s heart with these 8 delightful cocktail recipes. 

Double Chocolate Raspberry Martini

If you loved chocolate covered malt balls as a kid then let yourself and your Valentine indulge in nostalgia with this Dark Chocolate Malt Martini cocktail recipe.  

Chocolate Milano Float

Combining some of life’s pleasures into one decadent treat - cold brew coffee, chocolate, ice cream and some booze. Consider this a great drink for your Galentine’s celebration.  

Raspberry Red Velvet Martini

Photo Credit: The Cocktail Snob
We’re loving everything about this Raspberry Red Velvet Martini created by Camille from The Cocktail Snob.  Combining both white and dark chocolate, raspberries and vodka, Cupid is sure to request a second!  Before we move on, can we take a moment to highlight how absolutely adorable these Valentines are two hearts #relationshipgoals

Chocolate Cherry Martini

Photo Credit: Sugared & Stirred
We’re swooning over this one, are you?! smiling face with heart-eyes  Rachael over at Sugared & Stirred knows how to capture hearts with 2 powerful flavors - chocolate and cherry! Indulge in this delightful Chocolate Cherry Martini by yourself or with someone special.

Raspberry Clover Club

Smooth and silky is how we’d describe this gin-based cocktail.  Served in a coupe and topped with a pillowy foam and fresh raspberries - we’ll definitely be asking for seconds!  

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Martini

That rim though! Get creative with your garnishes and bring out the artist in you. This Chocolate Covered Raspberry Martini recipe is both beautiful and delectable.  

Double Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Anytime you put the word “double” before “chocolate” you know things are going down and this Double Chocolate Raspberry Martini is no exception. Premium bittersweet and dark chocolate are the main star in this cocktail, with a few raspberries on top. 

Healthy Chocolate Martini

Gather up your gal pals (Zoom counts) and pour one of these Healthy Chocolate Martinis.  Made with Torani Puremade Chocolate Milano Syrup and Torani Puremade Dark Chocolate Sauce, you know you’re getting pure ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and GMO-free.  Something to definitely love!

Now that we got you in the mood for Love, shake one of these cocktails up and invite your sweetheart, gal pal or fur baby over for a toast. Show us your Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day creations by tagging @torani & #torani on Instagram!

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