As the new year starts, we’d like to share some of what we accomplished in 2022. We are fortunate to be a growing company, not just in dollars and units sold, but in building opportunities for our team, our customers, our community, and other stakeholders. As a people first company, it is imperative that we strive to have a
positive impact on people and our planet. In some areas, we are well on the path to creating and growing programs for our stakeholders and communities we operate in. In other areas, we are a bit more nascent and building paths to improving our positive impact while minimizing (and striving to eliminate) any negative impact our business has on the world.

We believe that working at Torani should provide each team member with the opportunity to develop and grow their capabilities in the direction they choose. Our contribution management process is designed to facilitate discussions between team member and manager (coach). A key part of growing contribution over time is building the paths and processes to help achieve each person’s goals. In February 2022, we rolled out Skill Blocks - a development framework that helps to define how
increasing measurable skills and contribution ties to increasing compensation for our frontline team members. A work in progress, it continues to be refined and expanded into 2023.

Flavor for All is not just what we make but what we each bring to Torani, and we are proud to have folks from all walks of life, backgrounds, beliefs. We are equally proud to work with our stakeholder and community partners to make certain that Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) is supported by our customers, our suppliers, and other stakeholders. This is an area we are continuing to explore and develop at Torani, and we will have more formal programs and impacts to share in the future.

In summary, 2022 has been a great step on our journey to having a greater social impact. See the full report here.