table setting with brunch foods and Torani syrups

Brunch can set the pace for an amazing weekend. Gather with friends and soak up some delicious flavor and amazing conversation. To accompany your waffles and bacon, you’ll need the perfect drink. Here are our favorite drinks to complement your midmorning feast.

The Standby: Flavored Coffee

coffee with torani syrup poured in

Coffee is a must-have for any brunch. Single cup, pour over, brewed, French-pressed…you name it, we have to have it. First thing in the morning preferred. With Torani Syrups, flavor your day away. Your friends will love a touch of French Vanilla Syrup- in Sugar Free too. Add a little more wow with delightful Bourbon Caramel Syrup or Sugar Free S’Mores. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds.

Mimosas with Endless Flavor

different types of mimosas
A flavored mimosa? We’ll be there. Torani mimosas are incredibly simple, and will bring joy to everyone involved. Simply add a splash of Torani to your sparkling wine and orange juice. Raspberry Mimosas and Pomegranate Mimosas are all the rage right now.

Bloody Mary? Yes Please

bloody mary

A bloody Mary is perfect year-round. Sweet and savory, an amazingly refreshing combination for your brunch. Our Sweet Heat Bloody Mary will spark your senses, and have you coming back for more.

Batched for Brunch Cold Brewed Coffee

brunch setting with cold brewed coffee

We love the Toddy Cold Brewer, and we use it to make delicious Cold Brewed Coffee. Batch some up and serve at your brunch with different Torani Syrups for your guests to pump in. We can’t get enough of Salted Caramel or Sugar Free Coconut these days.

Coffee Cocktails

coffee cocktails

Cocktails and coffee- sounds like an amazing beverage combination to us! Try a brunch signature cocktail with the Torani Café Cocktail