Make a Low-Carb Delightful Treat

By: Jennifer M.
January 25th, 2017


Make a Low-Carb Delightful Treat image


For all of you low carb high fat (LCHF) diet lovers out there, we have a tasty treat for you! These Low-Carb Strawberry Delights are a delicious way to add more coconut into your daily routine. Use our Sugar Free Strawberry Sryup to make these fun snacks. With little bits of fresh strawberry and loads of flavor, they are the perfect bite to curb your appetite.


Here’s how to make them:

  2. Low Carb Strawberry Delight1
  3. Add 2 Tbsp Organic heavy cream to a blender pitcher


Low Carb Strawberry Delight2

  1. Add 3 medium sized fresh strawberries, diced for easy and consistent blending


Low Carb Strawberry Delight3

  1. Add 4 Tbsp organic coconut oil


Low Carb Strawberry Delight4

  1. Add 4 Tbsp of grass-fed unsalted butter


Low Carb Strawberry Delight5

  1. Add 1 Tbsp Torani Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup- feel free to add more or less depending on how sweet you want your treats!


Low Carb Strawberry Delight6

  1. Blend until the consistency of yogurt


Low Carb Strawberry Delight7

  1. We used a piping bag to fill cute silicone molds and froze for 20 minutes


Low Carb Strawberry Delight8

  1. Pop out of the molds and enjoy. Store extras in freezer



Low-Carb Strawberry Delights



- 4 Tbsp Grass-fed unsalted butter - melted - 

- 4 Tbsp Organic Coconut Oil 

- 2 oz Organic heavy cream 

- 1 Tbsp Torani Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup 

- 3 medium size fresh strawberries - diced Instructions 



Combine all ingredients in a chilled blender until well combined and the consistency of yogurt. Using a piping bag, fill silicone mold with mixture & tap on a table to level out. Freeze for 20 mins or so and enjoy!


Watch the full how-to video!