Don’t let social distancing keep you from coffee chats with your friends and co-workers.

team members in meeting group photo
Let’s face it, social distancing has us feeling pretty lonely and a bit exhausted, albeit from binge watching Netflix until 3am (what day is it anyway?!)  Enter - Coffee & Breaks! Between adjusting our schedules for our new commute to our home office (ehem - laptop in bed) and becoming home-school parents overnight, all of this isolation has us dreaming about the days we stepped out of the conference room with our pals and headed down the block for a good ole coffee break and some chit chat.  
Thanks to modern-day technology we can still partake in some coffee break action with co-workers, friends and family… perhaps you might even consider bringing them all together!  All of this while remaining socially distant yet virtually connected.  So grab your favorite mug - we’re bringing you everything you need to know to host the best virtual coffee break while sheltering-in-place.

Step 1: Pick your virtual meeting platform
First things first, figure out where everyone will “meet.”


If you’re an Apple iPhone user then chances are you’re no stranger to the FaceTime. No need to download, your iPhone, iPad & Mac laptop and desktop all come equipped with this video calling app.
Max 32 participants at a time

Google Hangouts

If you’re using this video chat service on your laptop or computer, find it built into Google services such as Gmail.  Your phone will require an app download.  
Max 25 participants at a time


Popular in the workplace and now being embraced by the general public, this subscription-based video conferencing service offers free and paid plans. the free version has a 40 minute time limit.
Max 100 participants for free sub, 500 for paid

Houseparty App

Remember Houseparty? Launched in 2016, this “face-to-face social network” has seen a resurgence due to social distancing.  The cool thing about this app is you don’t have to make a call to join and you can play games!
Max 8 participants 
Step 2: Set a Time
What good is a coffee break with your besties if no one shows up? Make sure to keep in mind time zones.  Set a time, send out a calendar invite and don’t forget the reminders.  

Step 3: Choose your caffeine fix

Coffee or espresso? thinking face  Maybe both… Consider sharing some yummy, simple and easy recipes a few days before your coffee break so everyone can come “prepared.”  Here are some of our favorites:
Step 4: Mugs Mean Something
Ask everyone prior to meeting to feature their favorite coffee mug.  Not only is this a great way to learn something fun and new about your friend, family member or co-worker’s personality, but they could also be great conversation starters.  Here are some that have made us laugh…


Step 5: Vibe is Everything
No, you’re not meeting at your favorite coffee shop, but look at the bright side - you didn’t have to sit in traffic, you’re probably still in your PJs and you get to use all of your at-home coffee station goodies that you bought a year ago when at-home coffee bars were trending, but that you never got to use because you were always at the office.
Consider making things fun and interesting by trying to recreate your favorite coffee shop vibe or displaying something fun and colorful behind you for others to find joy in. Here are some places to start:
    1. Download one of our flavorful (and colorful) Zoom Backgrounds
    2. Position yourself in front of your at-home coffee bar
    3. Take yourself outside! (pending weather forecasts of course…)
Step 6: Plan the next Coffee break
Don’t pull a #Bradbucks and leave your pals hanging for days without a coffee break! 
PS: we’re so glad Bradbucks finally opened up again after those renovations!  If you have no clue what we’re talking about, check out the first episode here.