Torani Cocoa Bar for the Holidays

We can't help but think about our favorite things this time of year. Snow, carols, family & friends are some of the best parts of the season. We wouldn't be Torani without also admitting that flavors are a big part of the winter for us, and one of our absolute favorites is CHOCOLATE. And a perfect way to elevate chocolate to the next level during the holiday season and share it with the special people in your life is to have a cocoa bar at your next holiday party!

A cocoa bar, as you know, is a set-up at a table where your guests can make their own delicious cocoa inventions and then enjoy them while sitting near a fireplace or at a table, luxuriating in the spirit of the season. But the question remains: What do I need to have to create a beautiful hot cocoa bar? Have no fear, friend. Torani is here to help you.

Some suggestions for an excellent hot cocoa bar:

Hot Cocoa

It may seem obvious, but it bears stating. The cornerstone of any great and wonderful cocoa bar is hot cocoa. While there are many great ways to make hot cocoa, we suggest using Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce and hot or steamed milk. Two tablespoons of dark chocolate sauce for every cup of milk is a good starting-off point, but you can always adjust according to your taste. Once you’ve made a good amount of hot cocoa, pour into a teapot or thermal carafe to keep warm and wait for your guests to marvel over your cocoa-making skills. It will be so good, they may not have any toppings.

Whipped Cream

But toppings are so fun! One fun topping we suggest is the relatively simple but always welcome whipped cream. Of course, there is never anything wrong with buying an aerosol canister of ready-made whipped cream from the market. However, if you want to Torani it up a bit, we suggest mixing a 8 oz. of whipping cream and one ounce of your favorite Torani syrup. When you mix the two together, you have a delightful Torani whipped cream.

whipped cream for desserts and drinks

Torani Syrups

Guests may want to flavor your already-delicious hot cocoa, and Torani Syrups are perfect for that, especially our holiday flavors, including Toasted Marshmallow, Irish Cream or Peppermint. If someone would like a Mayan Hot Chocolate, one ounce of Peppermint Syrup along with a dash of ground cinnamon hits the spot.


What is a cocoa bar without marshmallows? From the adorable bite-sized marshmallows to the fluffy and puffy larger marshmallows, these confections break apart and melt into your cocoa, creating a warm and cozy feeling in your tummy.

Caramel or Chocolate Chips

Caramel and chocolate chips are wonderful because they are very small, yet they pack such flavor. Their properties also allow them to melt in the chocolate, creating a sensual texture and more complex flavor.


This time of year, you can find lots of brightly colored and festive sprinkles at the market. These fun pops of color will enhance any hot cocoa you or your guests create.

Torani Sauce

And, finally, a hot cocoa bar wouldn’t be a hot cocoa bar without Torani Sauce. Our rich and luscious Dark Chocolate and Caramel Sauces act as decorative silky ribbons over the gift that is your hot cocoa.

We hope that you have some great ideas for your hot cocoa bar this year! What are you waiting for? Go and get everything and have fun!