Pomegranate Punch

There may be nothing more fun than an awards night cocktail party. Following the large hubbub of holiday and New Year’s parties, enjoy an elegant gathering with your friends while watching the Golden Globes, Oscars and all the other fun award shows. Torani’s Mixology Collection makes it easy and fun to create your very own signature cocktail!

And what makes a great signature cocktail? Intriguing flavors, of course!

This winter, as celebrities grace the red carpet on your TV screen, your signature cocktails will be the real stars of the evening. Enjoy unique and delicious flavors from Torani to make your own signature cocktail creation.

lavender cocktails with honeycomb

The three floral flavors we have – LavenderHibiscus and Rose – will spark up your signature cocktail and provide a magical and delicious experience for your guests. You can make them feel like glamourous Hollywood movie stars as they sip on your creations, which these three flavors will guarantee. There’s nothing more elegant than sipping on a Lavender CollinsHibiscus Mojto or Roseberry Cosmo, tasting those lovely floral notes and iridescent flavors while sitting with your friends, having a good and memorable time together.

tiki drinks in outdoor setting

Torani also has three flavors that, while being more conventional to cocktail parties, are still tried and true flavors that will make any signature cocktail you come up with go home with the trophy. Mojito MintGrenadine and Blue Curacao are classics when it comes to flavors in cocktails, and classics never die. The sweetness and crispness that these three flavors provide, whether it be in an Aquamarine Gin & TonicMint Julep or Bermuda Rum Swizzler, will brighten up any awards night gathering.

When you’re planning your amazing awards night gathering, remember that Torani will be there to help you make it the best gathering of the season. We can’t predict who will walk away with the gold or who is going to be the best-dressed, but we can say that you and your signature cocktails will be absolutely memorable. What is life without the occasional brilliant cocktail… and what are those cocktails without a little flavor? Avanti!

several people clinking different drinks together