A socially distant Mother’s Day can be just as memorable as the more traditional in-person celebration we’re used to. You just have to get creative and we’re here to help you do so!  Here are our Top 3 Tips to celebrate Mom.
Social distancing has certainly put a new spin on traditional celebrations.  The days of friend and family gatherings seem like a distant memory and video chatting has become the new gathering place.  As we approach Mother’s Day, we’re faced with figuring out how to celebrate Mom while being confined to our homes - with or without mom physically present.  Lucky for you, we’re experts at spreading joy no matter what the circumstance and we put together some ideas on how to virtually commemorate the occasion.  Let’s get started on making some new memories with Mom smiling face with hearts

Schedule a Mother’s Day video chat with close friends & family

Whether you take the “less is more” or “go big or go home” approach, gather up a few (or a lot) of your mom’s family and closest friends for a Facetime, Zoom or Facebook Messenger video chat.  Think you might want to take the party to the next level? Consider using a platform like HouseParty and plan some games to get everyone engaged - your mom will never forget this experience!

Plan a special menu

Social distancing has definitely made it challenging to replicate the good ole Mother’s Day Brunch experience, but it certainly hasn’t made it impossible - we do love a good challenge!   
If a video chat is the best meeting place option, plan a menu ahead of time and share it with your Mother’s Day group prior to the celebration.  With everyone enjoying the same meal, it’ll make the experience feel less distant.  
Make the event extra special by creating a special Mother’s Day Coffee recipe and shipping all necessary ingredients to each person in the group.  If sending packages to the entire group is too much, then focus only on Mom and turn it into a Mother’s Day Gift care package featuring her favorite local businesses:
  • fresh coffee & a mug from her favorite local coffee shop (and some Torani Syrup to make her special drink)
  • a gift card to her favorite spa
  • a piece of jewelry from her favorite local artisan jewelry designer
Need some coffee recipe inspiration? We got you:

Vanilla Dalgona Coffee:


Hawaiian Mocha

Puremade Vanilla Latte

Take a walk down memory lane

Typically, in-person group meet-ups can be chaotic, making it difficult to capture everyone’s full attention.  Video hangouts give you an opportunity to create an intimate setting for your mom with everyone’s full attention.  Reach out to your group in advance and ask everyone to send over their favorite picture/s of themselves with your Mom.  Put together a little slideshow and before signing off take a few minutes to take a walk down memory lane.  Everyone in the group, especially your Mom, will absolutely love it.
Happy Mother’s Day!