As communities around the world are opening up, many people are looking forward to spending time with friends and loved ones they haven’t seen since the beginning of lockdown. After months of being indoors, social bubbles, social pods, or “quaranteams” are emerging in an effort to limit the risk of COVID-19 while enjoying social time with friends and loved ones. While you do your part to keep everyone safe, we have a few recipes to share that will make your next get together even sweeter. 

What is Social Bubbling? 

Social bubbling is when two or three families agree to socialize with one another, but no one else. Different areas have specific guidelines for socially distant social bubbling, so we recommend you check with your local county for those rules.  
Here are some of our favorite bubbly drinks for you to enjoy (safely) with your social bubble. 

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We hope as we continue to navigate through this transitional period, you are able to continue to stay and have fun. If you’re looking to pick up something sweet for your next get together, check out our website to find more delicious flavor.